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WE Are "Hello, Ukraine" Foundation

Armed forces of ukraine

Our mission is to ensure that the brave men and women defending our nation's sovereignty and democratic values have the resources, support, and morale boost they need to continue their critical work.

Medical Support

We donate cutting-edge medical devices and supplies to hospitals and clinics, ensuring they are equipped to offer high-quality care. From life-saving surgical tools to advanced diagnostic machines, our contributions help medical institutions serve more effectively.


To ensure veterans have opportunities for meaningful careers post-service, we provide job training, resume-building workshops, and education scholarships.

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₴ 1,548,422







"Hello, Ukraine" Foundation team settles for nothing less than perfect. We understand concerns and ready to come for help.


We don’t waste resources, prioritizing key directions instead. Our goal is to deliver your requests in the most optimal way


We want to hear your thoughts and follow it, collaborating along the way. Communication is a key thing in our process.


Our technological approach is focusing on leveraging digital tools and innovations to support our mission.

Thirst for Knowledge

Our volunteers are being guided by a well-established knowledge base which enhances an ability to serve efficiently.


We foster a culture of trust, accountability, and effectiveness that permeates every aspect of the our work.


Build trust with donors, beneficiaries, and maintain a strong position in the competitive landscape of the nonprofit sector.


We are dedicated to providing immediate relief and fostering long-term resilience across our communities.


Our volunteers adopt a multi-faceted approach to ensure the safety, well-being, and resilience of the populations we serve.

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HELLO, Ukraine

specializing in DEFENSE, MEdicine & Education

supports the Armed Forces

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OUR representatives

Oleh Meleshko


I’ve always been ambitious and striving for innovation and a chance to support others. These are exactly the values that I bring to the table of the "Hello, Ukraine" Foundation.

Yana Mazepa


The volunteer movement unites Ukrainian society and strengthens its development. I want to contribute to this progress by working with the team to ensure that the International Charity Foundation Hello, Ukraine is one of the drivers of positive change in our country and helps those in need.

Maryna Malieieva


I am glad that my skills can be useful in the charity sector. I think nowadays everyone needs to choose how they can help the state and do it. And by uniting, we can do more for those who need it now.

Tymur Hismatulin

Fundraising consultant

I help to implement effective tools for attracting resources and support. I advise on the organisational and strategic development of the foundation because I believe in the mission and people of Hello, Ukraine.

Kyrylo Vakulynskyi

Сonstructor of FPV drones

There is only one motivation to volunteer — Ukraine's victory! If we don't help, we may lose. And I don't want to lose.

Vasylyna Haran


Volunteering is about feeling your power of influence, because any action either brings you closer to the expected result or moves you away from it. When you know what kind of future you want for Ukraine, activism becomes an organic part of your life.

Maryna Shnayder


I have no motivation to volunteer, but a sense of duty. Now everyone who is not at the frontline should be involved in helping. This is the base.

what our AMBASSADORS say about us


"Hello, Ukraine" Foundation team is a dedicated, self-motivated, methodical, and very thoughtful community of volunteers. They can complete most of the requests at any level of complexity despite deadline pressure. It is absolutely okay for them to find a way to weather any storm with confidence. Eager professionals.

I rarely come across real contributors who stand out like volunteers from "Hello, Ukraine" Charity Organization. It was indeed a great pleasure working with such aspiring and dedicated team. All the teammates earn my highest respect. I highly appreciate the quality of help being provided by this amazing and reliable foundation.


Who are we, and what do we do?

The International Charity Fund "Hello, Ukraine" is a volunteer association of the IT community of caring people who make efforts every day and bring our victory over the enemy closer. Proximity to IT activity allows implementing innovative and technological solutions to improve life and the environment around. Today, the Foundation's areas of activity are assistance to the military, medical institutions and hospitals, educational institutions, children and students, veterans, as well as forced migrants.

How to avoid fraudsters posing as employees/volunteers of the "Hello, Ukraine" Charitable Foundation?

We ask you to be careful. The official website of the foundation is, where you can find all the links to our official social networks (at the very bottom of a web page) maintained by the foundation. If you detect a scam, please email us at

I have equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Can I donate it to the Fund?

Write a letter to to discuss current needs or details of the transfer. The Foundation can accept operable high quality equipment with appropriate documents. The person transferring the equipment must confirm the legality of ownership of the equipment.

How to submit a request for help?

We have two forms for aid requests: one for military and one for humanitarian (will be available soon) aid. If you need our support, fill out one of the forms on the site and we will contact you via email

Who does the foundation provide military assistance to?

We work only with official requests from military units, drawing up relevant documents and registering equipment.

Where I can find reports?

We try to be transparent in our work, that's why we publish reports on expenses and aid transferred. You can familiarize yourself with our financial statements and photo reports about assistance on our website.

Is it possible to help the fund non-financially?

Yes! We will be glad for various forms of cooperation. If you want to support our foundation with your service, services, promotion, etc., write to our e-mail and we will discuss the details of cooperation.

How to become a partner?

We are very grateful to everyone who supports Ukraine. To become our partner, you can fill out the form on the website (will be available soon) or send a request to our e-mail